Tales of a transient in Africa

Tales of a transient in Africa

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monkey BAD!!

So I havent any photo's to upload at this time as it's difficult doing it from an internet cafe. This past week I made it back down to South Africa after a long drive on suicide roads through Mozambique. Its one stretch in particular that is one lane of sand which is very difficult to navigate through on a bike as your slipping all over the place and look up and theres a huge truck in front of you coming straight on. Anyways For the most part the last few days have been uneventful. I've been eating ice cream at least twice a day getting my fill on it being I havent been able to get any up in Moz. Last night I woke to a racket outside my door. I thought forsure it was thieves trying to take my bike. I thought out my plan as I held a butcher knife anticipating the worst as theives more often than not can be armed here and ruthless. I slipped out the door and much to my surpise and greater fear it was monkies. Now let me tell you, monkies in photos or the Zoo can be very cute and I've always appreciated a cute looking monkey, but when you see those eyes that are so human like staring you down and you know they can cut you down to size with those razor teeth of theres you not only think twice, you run, well I run. back into my cabin and close the windows. It brings me back to my first couple weeks in Mozambique when a monkey decided to perch above my tent as I tried to drift off to sleep and proceeded to start a laughing sound and would not shut up. Finally I got so frustrated I got out and tried to scare him off. He stopped for some time. As I drifted off again he started all over and this time I was livid. I got up and out and was yelling at the top of my lungs "SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP YOU STUPID MONKEY!!" I heard snickering from the tent next to me. The monkey wouldnt budge and just stared at me blankly in a mocking manner. I picked up stickes and threw them at him but with the agility of an olympic athlete he dodged them as though they came in slow motion. I had a full out argument with this monkey for a good 15 minutes as he would let out hoots at me. Another occasion was in Villanculos as I visited the pet monkey of someone which was in a tree. This was differant being he was tame so I got to feed him and pet him. Up untill the moment Elliott decided it would be funny to poke him in his potbelly. If there's roid rage for monkies this was it. He completely snapped and made a lunge at Elliott who ran off like a little boy leaving me trapped between the exit and the trunk of the tree. He turned his attention to me and started hopping around and screeching. I felt bladder chatter coming on cause I was so scared. They're so human like, yet so not human at the same time its just such a strange experience and this is what really freakes me out when they lose control. ANyways I did escape to and I tore a strip off Elliott for ruining my experience with the monkey but he thought it was one of the funniest things ever and wanted to tease it a little more. Its like poking a beehive, only worse.Anyways its been raining here for days the sun finally came out which is a contrast where I was in Moz which is in the middle of a draught that is one of the worst on record and its going to be a really bad year for starvation related illness and death my cousins are anticipating. In Johannessburg the other night there was such bad rain and flooding people were swept away to there graves and many are still missing which really baffles me as to how a human being can go missing in the middle of the city, where do they get swept off to?. Anyways thats about it for now.

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  1. The monkey sounds scary!! Your motorcycle trip sounds like Ewan McGregor's on the "Long Way Round". I watch that occasionally and I like the episode where they are in Mongolia (it is pretty rough terrain). But the suicide roads sound pretty tricky. Not sure if you know about Ewan McGregor's travels but google it or check out the wikipedia site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Way_Round

    Stacey Hildebrand